Tileflex 2000


Is the next generation in roof coating technology. That is suitable to be applied to concrete or terracotta tiles and metal roofing.

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TileFlex is the Next Generation In Roof Coating Technology

Tileflex is an innovative, nanotechnology modified acrylic polymer coating designed especially for the harsh Australian sun to substantially lower surface friction and significantly reduce dirt retention and ultimately, aide in the self-cleaning ability of the coating. It is suitable to be applied to concrete and terracotta tiles (visit our blog on “Can You Paint On Terracotta Tiles”) and metal roofing.

How Does It Work

CSIRO testing has conclusively shown that the surface friction of Tileflex is substantially reduced by the unique properties of surface cleaning nanotechnology. Therefore, Tileflex offers excellent long-term exterior durability which will stay cleaner and retain gloss longer than any conventional acrylic roof coating on the market.

Tileflex contains UV resistant non-fading pigments and tough flexible 100% acrylic polymers which will transform an older roof into a more modern, refreshed looking roof that will ad value to your home. Tileflex is guaranteed not to peel, fade or crack subject to correct surface preparation and application.

Tileflex is available in High Gloss or Low Sheen finishes in 46 standard shades and can be custom colour matched – upon request.


  • Contains nano-technology to repel dirt and retain gloss
  • Superior longer lasting gloss finish
  • Contains polymer preservatives to provide algae and fungus protection

Warning: Do Not Apply TileFlex in very low or very high temperatures.

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Basalt, Beige, Bluestone, Burgundy, Bushland, Charcoal, Chocolate, Classic Cream, Coral, Cottage Green, Cove, Dune, Dust Grey, Early Grey, Evening Haze, Grecian Terracotta, Gully, Gunmetal, Headland, Indian Red, Ironstone, Jasper, Light Grey, Mangrove, Manor Red, Mid Brunswick Green, Midnight, Mission Brown, Monument, Oxide Red, Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, River Green, Saddle Brown, Sahara, Sandstone, Shale Grey, Sienna, Sunset, Surfmist, Terracotta, Terrain, Wallaby, Wheat, Wilderness, Windspray, Woodland Grey