Supa Prime


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SupaPrime is an innovative primer developed with the latest nano-technology.
Supaprime is tough and flexible and is designed to penetrate old and oxidised concrete tiles for maximum adhesions to Nutechs Roof Coat, to ensure the best quality finish and longevity for your roof restoration.

How Does It Work

With SupaPrime nano-technology it is designed to moisten and penetrate old, rough surfaces such as oxidised, worn and weathered old tiles, which will allow Nutech Paint roof coating system to maximise adhesion, ensuring a high quality finish. Once SupaPrime is applied, in the drying process the resin strengthens and binds the old weathered surface creating a more strong and stable base.
Better still this technology is water based so is an environmentally friendly primer and does not have a high odour. It has been through rigorous testing and designed for the harsh Australian weather conditions. SupaPrime ensures you get the best quality roof restoration and is suitable for all concrete products from roof tiles, concrete wall and blocks.


  • Easy to apply
  • Quick drying speed time
  • Binds with rough surfaces to give strong clean finish
  • Environmentally friendly water base
  • Low odour
  • Resistant to fungus and mould


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