Selleys Point Works Generation II 10L


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Selleys Point Works Gen II is a pointing system used by roof tilers to finish off hip and ridge tiles. It is one of the most used pointing products by Roof Tilers.  It complies with Australian Standard AS4046.8 adhesive mechanical fasteners – flexible pointing. This means that it removes the need for fastening clips on hip and ridge tiles as required by AS2050 – installation of roof tiles, when correctly installed.

It is ideal for new roofs and roof repairs and is a popular choice for roof tilers because :

  • Selleys Point Works is colour matched to all commercially available roof tiles
  • It forms an incredibly strong and durable bond between the tiles and the ridge
  • It flexes with normal roof movement without cracking or breaking away
  • Is a smooth formula  which makes it easy to mix and apply
  • Easy to clean up with water

Tips For Installation

  • 2 hours of curing in good weather is sufficient for the product to withstand rain. Longer in cold and damp conditions.
  • Selleys Point Works should not be used when the surface temperature during application or curing is 10C or lower.

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