Nutech Thinners


Is Australia’s No.1 Concrete Sealer that seals, colours and protects concrete to provide a durable surface for Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

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Thinners maximise flow, gloss, surface penetration and brush out. They are formulated to high standards to use in a variety of ways. PaveCoat Thinners are specifically designed for use in PaveCoat Bases, PaveCoat Cure & Seal, PaveCoat NuslateAgreseal and Accopol 847. 

Depending on the product you are using, refer to its product guide for mixing ratios and detailed applications instructions.

How Does It Work

As a liquid solvent, you can dissolve oil-based paints and dilute the consistency of dried paint. Thinners are also a great way to clean your painting equipment, such as brushes, rollers and containers.

Refer to the product brochure or the product tin for detailed instructions and safety guide.

Key Benefits

  • Thin your paint for easy use in spray applications
  • Clean up brushes, rollers, paint spills or splatters
  • Remove tar build up and other compounds
  • Dilute the consistency of a paint that has gone dry

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