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NuPrime is an acrylic based primer for concrete roof tiles or alternative concrete products.
NuPrime is fine particle acrylic primer coating and is designed and guaranteed to ensure adhesiveness and bonding with Nutech’s topcoat products, Nu-Flex and TileFlex 2000® .

How Does It Work

NuPrime is a technically advanced formula used as an undercoat to penetrate old, rough surfaces such as oxidised, worn and weathered old tiles, which in the curing process creates a strong and flexible coating which enables a better quality finished product and ensures less topcoat is needed once sealed with NuPrime.

NuPrime is a clear, non-yellowing primer that also provides excellent protection against bacteria and mould on most surfaces.

Binds with rough surfaces to give strong clean finish
Resistant to ultra violet light when combined with Nutech top coat
Resistant to fungus and mould
Easy to apply
Quick drying speed time

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