Antislip Additive for Pavecoat (Fine) 400gms


Antislip Additive for Pavecoat (Fine) 400gms


Slip reduction additive for Nutech PaveCoat Concrete Sealers, Slate Sealers, EPiC Polycryl and EPiC Epoxy 500 Systems. Nutech AntiSlip for clear and coloured PaveCoast, Polyurethane, Enamel and Epoxy, Concrete Sealers and Stencil Slate Impression concrete, and Slate Sealer. This provides excellent slip-resistance under both wet and dry conditions. 

How Does It Work

Add contents into 20 litres of Nutech sealer and stir well. After mixing, allow to stand for 10 minutes then re-stir before application. Test before applying to confirm adequate slip reduction. Not recommended for steep concrete or very smooth surfaces. Not suitable for greasy or contaminated surfaces. Suitable for  use in Clear or Coloured Nutech Concrete coatings, as the anti-slip becomes invisible in Clear Concrete Sealers.

Refer to the product data sheet for detailed instructions and safety guide.

Key Benefits

  • Improves safety of surfaces in wet and dry conditions
  • Undetectable: clear and coloured
  • Suitable for acrylic, epoxy, alkyd and polyurethane flooring
  • Non-hazardous
  • Resistant to UV light, mild acids and alkali, stains, salts and dirts
  • Flexible and scuff resistant
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Unlimited shelf life if stored at temperature below 150 degrees Celsius