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Are you looking for an aggregate sealer that gives you a glossy-, wet-look finish?

This is a 2-coat system for the ultimate durability, making it perfect for both pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic alike. Agreseal, with its glossy finish, will not absorb water, while still providing protection against common stains that can occur from grease and oil. Its special formula also enhance the colour of aggregate and concrete, to give your home the perfect look every time.

It is easy to apply and recoat and actually improves the ongoing performance of concrete, by protecting ta again that damage, stains and chemicals. For the ultimate sealer with low maintenance, get your hands on Agreseal today.

How Does It Work

Sealing new surfaces compared to resealing existing surfaces can be different. However, in all cases the surface must be clean and dry before beginning. Agreseal must be thoroughly stirred and mixed to get started. Two coats are required to achieve the best result. Once applied the surface will be dry to touch in 30 minutes, however will require 7 days to be fully set. Agreseal has a coverage rate of about 3-5m2 per Litre,

Key Benefits

  • Improve the performance of your concrete or aggregate surfaces
  • Improve the visual appearance of your concrete and aggregate surfaces
  • Protects against the potential damage from thaw and freeze
  • Repels grease, water and oil
  • Low maintenance for easy upkeep into the future
  • Easy to recoat when needed

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