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Did You Know You Can Paint On Terracotta Roof Tile

The Answer May Surprise You.

Often a topic of great conjecture between roof restoration and paint companies is the topic of repainting of terracotta roof tiles. Dealing with difficult surfaces such as unglazed, glazed and vitrified terracotta roof tiles and ensuring an enduring, lasting serviceable finish has been a challenge in the terracotta roof restoration industry. The common misconception that these types of roof tiles cannot be coated is now indeed a myth.

Nutech Paint has been a tried and trusted manufacturer of premium roof coatings for well over 45 years. Whilst other paint companies and terracotta roof restoration businesses shy away from committing to refinishing unglazed, glazed and vitrified terracotta roof tiles, our wealth of formulation development knowledge has now made this possible.

A Brand You Can Trust.Nutech Elite Terracotta Primer has been specifically formulated to provide superior adhesion and long term performance over properly prepared unglazed, glazed and vitrified terracotta roof tiles. Used in conjunction with any of the Nutech Paint top coat roof finishes, such as NXT Cool Zone, TileFlex, Flexi-shield  and Nuflex, Nutech Paint can provide long term durability, with guaranteed performance.

Nutech’s Elite Terracotta Primer is a water based, solvent free primer specifically developed with superior adhesion enhancing properties for glazed terracotta and vitrified terracotta roof tiles. It is designed for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, achieving high adhesion without the need for etching solutions. Ideally suited for application under Nutech exterior durable roof coating products.

Features & Benefits

Did you say water based?

  • Solvent free, low VOC and low odour
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy application
  • Water clean up

The Three T’s.

If you are looking for a tried, trusted and tested roof coating system that has over 45 years of real time performance, then look no further then Nutech’s product range.  At Gold Coast Paint Supply we are a distributor of these products.